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"We make a signature wine, unforgettable to the palate and the memory"

Paola Poblete, Bluwines founding winemaker.

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Bluwines is a family project that was born from the winemaker Paola Poblete and Ulf Bergman, who decided to unite their two cultures, Chilean and Swedish, to give life to a wine of excellence, elegant and unique.


After several years living abroad, in 2010 they decided to fulfill their dream of producing a wine different from the traditional varieties that were on the market. Their motivation to take on a personal challenge inclined them towards Carignan, taking care of each stage of the process with special attention and affection, until they achieved a wine that today fills them with pride.


Where do our wines come from?

Our wines are located in Cauquenes, approximately 25 kilometers from the coast, in the Maule Valley, seventh region. An ideal place for a strain of Spanish origin, brought to Chile from France, in the first half of the 20th century. Our Carignan is produced in vineyards that are between 60 and 70 years old, under dryland conditions and ancestral environmentally friendly practices.


Our philosophy:

Our philosophy is to create a signature, elegant wine, respecting the potential that the grape offers us. We are very careful throughout the entire production process, seeking minimal intervention or over-extraction, which results in balanced, fresh and persistent wines.


Our inspiration:

The inspiration for our first lines of wines, Blu and Bluhands, comes from our admiration for the French painter Henri Matisse, and his work Blue Nude IV.

Likewise, Bluhands represents our hands and those of our daughters: Isabella and Madeleine.

Kind hands, creative hands, hands that motivate us every day to create something better from the heart.

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The wine that is long in coming


The identity of Carignan from the Maule Valley lies in the Maule drying, that is, in old vineyards without irrigation technology, which are maintained only with the humidity available in winter, producing a wine of interesting freshness and acidity, with an aroma and characteristics very different from the other Carignan that are produced in other areas of the world.

Temperatures in Maule during the day can be warm, but sea breezes coming in from the Pacific Ocean cool the vines at night. These thermal oscillations are ideal for the slow ripening of grapes, which contributes to the complexity and structure of these wines. The old head-training system, typical of these old vineyards, also allows the vineyards to withstand the high temperatures during the summer months.

We harvest it manually, in fifteen kilo boxes, carefully selecting the quality of each one. Next, the grapes are subjected to cold maceration, before starting their fermentation process.

The aging takes place in French barrels for 22 months, some of them first use. These barrels are medium toasted and extra-fine grained to give greater aromatic complexity and a discreet contribution of tannins that is reflected in the elegance of these wines.

To provide softness, we add other varieties such as Syrah or Malbec in small percentages if necessary. Because Carignan grapes generate high acidity and a low pH for red wine, it is possible to obtain a long and good aging in bottles before putting them on the market. In the case of Blu, the wait is three years. A wait that, without a doubt, is very worth it.

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